Home is where the Doom is


Black Farm records (originally supposed to be named "The Blood Sword of the Black King of the Iron Mountain of Death records" - or something close...) came to us as a very natural obligation.

As vinyl addicts and Heavy music worshippers, we felt the need to be a part of the whole scene, and, humbly bring our passion and experience to bands who want to have their music onto our beloved format.

We're in for the passion of it, the excitement.

Black Farm records has always been for the bands, the music and the feelings it brings when you put the needle onto the groove.

If you have ever bought from us, at least once, you know we care about our artists, our vinyl records and your purchases, this is one serious trinity. It is a sort of a vocation we have here, and this won't ever change.

We try to offer the fans an audial and visual experience. 

We have been blessed with such talented bands and artists, and your support is the strength that has kept us going for the last five years. Prepare for another 5 or 10!

Praised be the almighty Riff !