EARTHBONG "Bong Rites"

  • EARTHBONG "Bong Rites"
  • EARTHBONG "Bong Rites"
  • EARTHBONG "Bong Rites"
  • EARTHBONG "Bong Rites"

EARTHBONG is a three-piece from Kiel, Germany.
After their first demo in 2018 and a debut album "One Earth, One Bong" that same year, they returned in may 2020 with a monument. A milestone. An album that stands at the crossroads of all things Stoner, Doom, Sludge and Psychedelic.

Actually, "Bong Rites" can be seen as a quintessential Heavy music record, melting all influences into one great bong cauldron.

Deeply rooted in the modern Doom scene (think Sleep, Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Bongripper, Windhand, Dopethrone, Monolord), EARTHBONG goes a little further into the psychedelic spectre of weed-themed Doom Metal.

"Bong Rites" is a 3-tracks, over an hour long trip to the riff-filled land, dropped out of life with bong in hand, where the lungsmen unearth the creed of Hasheeshian.

Try this offering here :

Test Pressing : Limited to 5 copies. Black hand-numbered white labelled double vinyl housed in a single jacket. White polylined inner sleeves.
Test Pressing comes with :
- EARTHBONG engraved wooden Doobieboo (only with the Test Pressing)
- Green or purple band patch (only with the Test Pressing)
- EARTHBONG rolling paper
- EARTHBONG engraved wooden rolling kit
- Complete set of 7 band stickers
- Download code

Secret Stash edition : Limited to 99 copies. Double Aside/Bside Grimace purple and white with black and doublemint green splatter, housed in a single jacket.
Black polylined inner sleeves.
The Secret Stash edition comes with :
- EARTHBONG rolling paper
- EARTHBONG engraved wooden rolling kit
- Random band sticker
- Download code

Black Seed edition : Limited to 150 copies. Classic black double vinyl housed in a single jacket. Black polylined inner sleeves.
The Black Seed edition comes with :
- Random band sticker
- Download code

"Prepare your ears for hazy doom laden sludge. As the band and album names suggest this is some quality stoner metal. Right from the first minute of this album its apparent that these guys rip... and not just cones." - Cave Dweller Music

"Earthbong's riffs are certainly very familiar, but they have developed a way of writing songs which takes ideas towards their longest and most drawn out extremes, and it's pretty fantastic." - Wolves In The Drone Doom

"You can't escape the pull of the doom and the sludge as they create a black hole of heaviness from which there is no return. Pack your bowls and give yourself into "Bong Rites" from EARTHBONG" - Fuzzy Cracklings

"This is pure, unhurried, blissful stoner doom. Earthbong is best experienced from your favorite comfy seat in the house, stoned to the bejesus, with no distractions but a snack and a drink. A simple ritual to maximize your enjoyment of Bong Rites." - Your Last Rites

"All of the hallmarks are there, slow glacial riffs plodding across the land, bass and kick tones that could implode mountains. But underneath it all, there is this kraut-rock industrial metal tinge to the production, giving it some really nice depth and layers of sounds. Weed worship and some excellent harsh vocals make this an album worth checking out!" - The Sleeping Village


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